Eyelash Extensions Primer MADE IN KOREA

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    Eyelash Extensions Primer MADE IN KOREA!

    This Eyelash Extensions Primer is used to prepare the lashes before the application of eyelash extensions and ensures the natural lashes are clean. By simply washing your face or using make up remover, this doesn’t necessarily remove the all the dirt and oil from the lashes. Once the lashes are clean, the application time is actually shortened.


    • Must have item for pre-application routine
    • Remove cosmetic residue, oil from natural eyelashes
    • Improves adhesion, enhances retention, customer satisfaction

    Ingredients: The eyelash primer contains allantoin, an extract of natural herbal ingredients, which is known to have disinfectant and cell rejuvenation properties. Its use results in healthy natural lashes and minimizes lash damage.

    Caution: Shake enough before use. Close the cover lightly after use. Be careful and avoid contact with eyes and skin. If eye irritation occurs, contact a physician

    How to use:
    • First, remove any make-up with oil-free make-up remover or lash foam and water.
    • Apply a small amount of eyelash extension primer on 2 disposable microfibre brushes for eyelash extensions.
    • Place one brush beneath the lashes, and the other on top
    • Gently glide the lash extension primer up the eyelashes, cleansing each lash thoroughly.
    • Lashes should be completely dry before applying eyelash extensions.

    How to store: Store in a low temperature (5 Degrees)
    Size: 15ml

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