Dragonhawk MAST Tour Cosmetic Tattoo Machine Kit

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    Dragonhawk MAST Tour Cosmetic Tattoo Machine Kit Best Seller!

    This kit includes 1x  Dragonhawk MAST Tour Cosmetic Tattoo Machine and 1x  Dragonhawk MAST-U1 Universal Wireless Battery Pack.

    MAST Tour Cosmetic Tattoo Machine is one of the smallest and compact machine from Dragonhawk collection. The machine frame features a 25mm ergonomic grip and it is made from solid rods of high-grade polished and anodised aluminium. It is compatible with all standard tattoo power supplies and it can also be paired with the Dragonhawk MAST Universal Wireless Battery Pack.

    This machine utilises a Japanese coreless motor, and is designed to work for at least 3,000 hours. Power supply and wireless battery pack are not included and to be purchased separately. 


    • Needle Depth: 0-4.0mm
    • Stroke Length: 3.5mm
    • RCA Cord connection
    • Start voltage: 4 V
    • Recall the last voltage used since turning off

    The Mast Universal Wireless Battery Pack uses RCA Cord connection, making it ultra versatile and compatible with many tattoo machines. 


    • Press and hold the power button for 2-3 seconds to turn on and off
    • Click the power button to cycle through voltages (6V-11V)
    • When the machine is running, the battery will automatically switch to battery capacity display. The five indicator lights represent 20%-100% of the power.
    • When you click the button again, the voltage will be adjusted and the lights will display the voltage chosen
    • When charging, the 5 indicator lights show the charging status. When full, the indicator light stays on (the battery is protected from being overcharged).
    • As long as you use a charger of 1A or above, the charging time of the battery is designed to be about 3 hours, and the usage time is designed to be about 6 hours.


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