Disposable Washable Tray Organiser (10pcs)

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    Disposable Washable Tray Organiser (10pcs) Must Buy!

    Disposable Washable Tray Organiser (10pcs) features 3 holes for containing pigments, solutions, gels, creams, or adhesives. There are also five other trapezium shaped compartments for organising any other tools such as microbrushes, cotton tips, cotton pads etc. Each pack contains 10 pieces. 

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    Key features: 

    •  Made of high quality material PVC plastic, light weight, eco-friendly, and durable.
    • Storage and display various tools, can be cleaned, disposable use, convenient and fast.
    • Partition design, can put the pen, eyebrow and other tools.
    • Three round holes for pigment, easy to operate and improve work efficiency.
    • Disposable, safe and healthy, convenient to use and suitable for shop.

    Size: 28.5cm x 18.5cm