Eye Design Cheek Retractor

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    Cheek Retractor Big Sale!

    Transparent medical grade plastic retractor that helps give you an unobstructed view of the oral cavity while performing teeth whitening procedure.

    Cheek Retractor is commonly used in dentistry and oral surgery. It is sterile and used  in teeth whitening procedures to hold the lips and cheeks away from the teeth, allowing better access for applying whitening agents. They are also used as mouth openers in various dental procedures, providing clear visibility and easy access to the oral cavityFor home and dentistry use.

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    • Easy to keep mouth open and hands are available for oral inspection and treatment
    • It works great for home teeth care, doesn't stretch lips and you will not feel uncomfortable
    • It is made from eco-friendly and durable plastic to help give you an unobstructed view of the oral cavity
    • It is ideal for extended use in dental offices and teeth whitening salons


    1. Apply appropriate moisturizers to the oral tissues to be retracted.
    2. While wearing non-allergenic gloves, gently retract one corner of the mouth away from the teeth and insert the lateral edge of the retractor into the mouth.
    3. Roll your finger under the upper lip to retract it, and place the upper lip-cradling section of the retractor under the retracted upper lip, being careful to protect any mucosal frena that may be present.
    4. Continue the retraction of the opposite mouth corner and insert the unit under the retracted tissue.
    5. Roll your finger under the lower lip and ensure that the lower lip is sitting securely in the lower lip-cradling section of the unit.
    6. To protect the tissues from damage and ensure retraction during the operative procedure, recheck the unit to confirm that the upper and lower lips are securely sitting in the upper and lower cradles, and that the mouth corners are securely retracted by the unit without movement.
    7. After use, gently and carefully withdraw the unit from the mouth by reversing the insertion procedure, taking care not to crack the patient’s possibly dry lips. Check the oral tissues for any signs of damage from the procedure and take any required corrective measures.