LUCAS BROWFIX Brow Lamination

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    LUCAS BROWFIX Brow Lamination

    The LUCAS BROWFIX Brow Lamination Kit creates long-lasting laminated style eyebrows using a strong formula that sets the eyebrows quickly and efficiently. The lamination can last up to two months, depending on skin type and aftercare diligence.
    Each kit can be used for up to 20 applications. It includes the following:
    • Composition No. 1 — perm 4 ml.
    • Composition No. 2 — fixation 4 ml.
    • Composition No. 3 — care 4 ml.
    • Composition No. 4 — cleanser 4 ml.
    • Lift Brush — applicator for eyebrow styling, 3 pcs.
    • 5pcs Disposable Mascara Wands
    • 10 pcs Disposable Micro Brushes 
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      Please note:
      • Do not perform any exfoliation, peeling and scrubbing  around the brows area before the procedure. Also avoid skin products that induce skin rejuvenation and exfoliation.
      • Please do not combine this treatment with henna brows. Use eyebrow dye instead. 
      • Do not use when pregnant and breastfeeding.

      Shelf life:

      • 18 months after manufacturing date unopened.
      • 3-6 months after opening.

      HOW TO USE: 

      Step 1:  Clean brows using cleanser (composition 4) using cotton pads. Brush your eyebrows and start styling them the way you'd like them to be laminated.

      Step 2: Apply perming product (composition 1) using the applicator or mini spatula. Always start on areas that need the fixation the most such as the start of the brows and thicker areas. Make sure that both eyebrows have an equal amount of product. Cover with cling wrap firmly. Note the time when you start the fixation process. At this stage, the hair will become more fragile so we don't recommend brushing it with a normal brush as it may weaken the hair even more. The duration of this process varies depending on the natural eyebrow hair density. For thinner eyebrows, don't leave it on for any more than 3 minutes. For thicker eyebrows, don't leave it on for any more than 5 minutes. To be very safe, check every 2 minutes to see how the product is reacting.

      Step 3: Remove excess fixation product quickly using clean cotton pads. Wipe outwards following the flow of the hair. 

      Step 4: Apply the fixation product (composition 3) using the applicator or mini spatula. Apply the same amount as the softening product. At this point you can use the brush and applicator to brush the hair in place and style them as desired. Cover with cling wrap and leave it on for around 3 minutes (judge depending on hair density). You can do some additional styling by brushing the eyebrows from the outside of the cling film if needed.  

      Step 5: Clean brows using cleanser (composition 4) or water using cotton pads. Wipe outwards following the flow of the hair. 

      Step 6: If you'd like to tint the eyebrows, do it at this step. Use eyebrow dye, NOT henna brows. 

      Step 7: Apply the 'care' product (composition 3) using cotton buds.