Eye Design Black Facial Brush

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    Eye Design Black Facial Brush No1 Best-selling!

    The Eye Design Black Facial Brush is perfect for the even application of masks and other skincare products. The bristle is super fine and soft, perfect for delicate facial skin. Each unit contains 5 pieces of brushes.  

    • Handle Material: Black - Plastic
    • Brush Material: Orange - Nylon
    • Total Length: 16.2 cm
    • Handle Length: 14.2 cm
    • Brush bristle Length: 1.5 cm


    1. Great tool for face mask application. Holds a good amount of product and the brush is soft feeling but firm enough to to spread mud masks. You can also apply it much more smoothly as well as with more precision.
    2. No more messy hands! It's nice to apply a face mask without having to wash gunk out of a bristled brush or use your hands. And it helps in not getting the mask under your acrylic nails.
    3. Much easier, less waste! These face mask applicators rinse off easily with some water and don't stain. You won't have to worry about a bunch of mask getting stuck in your bristles (wasteful).
    4. No more dirt! These help keep the product in the jar untouched so it's clean.
    5. A must have for every one who enjoys a face mask! Perfect for applying mud, clay or charcoal mixed mask and moisturizers though. Easy to store, great to travel with.
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