2 in 1 Brow Lamination & Lash Lift Kit

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    Gorgeous Lashes In Minutes At Home

    The Eye Design Brow Lamination & Lash Lift Kit is ideal at-home 2 in 1 kit that performs both Lash Lifts and Brow Lamination. The kit works wonder on either short straight eyelashes or untamed brows.

    The lift lasts up to eight weeks, it comes with simple step-by-step instructions and enough solution for 15 applications.

    Perfect care for your lashes during Covid time and wake up to perfectly curled lashes every morning without hassle. The gentle formulas lengthen, volumize and lift from root to tip allowing your lashes to reach their full potential in minutes.

    • Up to 15 applications, 12 months of lift
    • Gentle lifting formula, irritant-free
    • 100% natural and cruelty-free
    • Proven result
    • 3 times quicker than other kits


    • 1x 7ml Lash Lift Adhesive
    • 1x 7ml Nutrition Serum
    • 3 Y-Combs
    • 5 Pairs of Lift Pads in different sizes  
    • 1x 5ml Lifting Lotion
    • 1x 5ml Fixation Lotion
    • 1x 5ml Cleanser Solution
    • 1x pack Assistance Tools containing micro brushes and disposable mascara wands

    Please read full detailed instructions and safety precautions on the back of the box.

    BEST BEFORE DATE: 24/03/2023




    How long do results last?

    Your lifted lashes will last up to 8 weeks.

    Can I wear mascara with a lash lift?

    Of course! You can use mascara after 24 hours and it will not affect your lift.

    Will it ruin my eyelashes?

    Not at all. Our product is gentle lifting formula, irritant-free, 100% natural and cruelty-free

    Lash Lift processing times?

    • Step 1. Lifting Lotion : 5-8 Minutes (Depending on lash thickness)
    • Step 2. Fixation Lotion: 5-8 Minutes
    • (Lash tints can be applied between steps 2 and 3)
    • Step 3. Cleanser Solution: Clean and wipe off perm residue

    Please read full detailed instructions and safety precautions at the back of the box.

    Brow Lamination instructions?

    • Use the EDA Foaming Lash Cleanser to remove the oil, dust, and makeup residue and balance pH level on eyebrows.
    • Apply the glue on the right eyebrow.
    • Use a mascara wand/hard brush to put glue on the eyebrow and brush the hair up to the direction you want (Upper Spine) for 5-10 seconds.
    • Then do the same for the left brow.
    • Use the lifting lotion #1 on the eyebrows and then cover the eyebrows with a plastic paper wrapper to dry (cling wrap). (Lifting time: Max 5 minutes)
    • Remove Lifting lotion #1
    • Use the fixing lotion #2 on the eyebrows and then cover eyebrows with a plastic paper wrapper to dry (cling wrap). (Fixing time: Max 5 minutes)
    • Remove fixing lotion #2
    • Use the coating lotion #3 to help hydrate, strengthen and for eyebrows regrowth.
    • Use the cleanser solution #4 to clean off all the lotion residue.


    Kelly N.

    OMG, my eyes look gorgeous on the day after. No pain. No allergic. And easy to use. Now I can do it by myself at home with the best price ever. Much love !!

    Marie L.

    Excellent! Thank you EDS, I had tried some lash lift products of somewhere before but they didn't work very well. This kit is quality with good glue. I feel happy with the result. Thank you so much. I will buy it again.

    Angel S.

    Shipping very well. The great result. I'm very happy.


    Perfect! I wake up with the beautiful lashes and no mascara everyday. Recommend it 100%.

    Nikki H.

    Excellent product, works amazing for both lamination and lash lifts.. would buy again

    Vanessa H.

    I was little nervous about this kit but after doing it at home, I felt happy with my lashes. I love how my lashes look it has been 3 weeks and they are still holding the curl!

    Lili Vian

    This kit is better than I thought, super easy to use. I did my eyelashes by myself and it went pretty well considering it was my first go, very happy with the result.

    Natasha B.

    So great for lockdown but I’ll continue using after to save myself hundreds on lash extensions! Love EDS! Thank you so much for the best kit ever xx

    Sophie T.

    It’s a real game changer. LOOOOVE it!!!

    Britney L.

    Shipping was fast. The kit is awesome. I love the result. The glue works very well. Awwwww!!! Love it so much. Perfectly!!!!!

    Megan M.

    AMAZING kit! I lifted my lashes a little over 3 weeks ago and they are still going strong. 100% recommend.

    Julia J.

    This kit is awesome. Highly recommend.

    I will buy it again.