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Eyelash Extensions Pillow

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You haven’t found your dream pillow? Comfortable for your customers and convenience for yourself during treatment?

We are so glad that we found the PERFECT Lash pillow

This pillow is perfect because:

– It is the perfect width, so the clients head is nice and close to you! So you get optimal positioning (most pillows are too deep so the client ends up too far away for you!)

– Its hella comfortable! Half have already gone missing cos some of the Lash Fam have already stolen them just to sleep on

– Dark colour to hide fallen lashes and general wear and tear better.

– Comes with the option of the fitted shelf that can neatly hold all your lashing materials! Comes with a little space to hold your tweezers, a few shelves (to hold a phone or lash try etc) and lots of space to put your glue tile etc.

Dimensions of the pillow are:

Pillow dimension – 50cm (wide) x 12cm (tall) x 20.5cm (across)

Pillow and shelf dimension – 58cm (wide) x 12cm (tall) x 20.5cm (across)